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Publications and Research
Professional Research provided by OMS
In order to develop its clients business and always stay in touch with the current market, OMS regularly runs Market Research. We are ready to provide any company interested in Chinese Business the most professional market data, some of them are already accessible.

Market Studies

Any company that want to understand the current market and the key factors of success in China needs reliable information. Those market basics will give you personal reflexes to enter the biggest market in the world.

The luxury fashion accessories market in China
Marketing Survey
Chinese lingerie and underwear market
Luxury tableware market
The portrait of luxury Chinese female consumer

Market Surveys

China is a fast growing and booming market, but also a quick changing environment. Our prospective survey will help you to anticipate the market before your competitors.

Global survey of laundry market in China

Professional data

Professional data To enter the Chinese market in the right way, we designed specific key data. We bring you a comprehensive access to the franchise environment in China and give you the necessary solution for this atypical country.

How to franchise in China? Legal issues & market opportunities
Opening franchise schools in China: threats and opportunities

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