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Area of Expertise
Company Representation
“To Take Action is the best way for companies which want to have any chance to cope with Chinese market” (C. Moreno – OMS’ CEO)

Representing our Partner in China is the best way to start building their image and to make their first step in the market. By testing the market and actors reaction, your product or service, once implemented, will be developed, at no risk, in the best conditions, the best way.

OMS proposes to be our Representative Office in China. For each project, we set up a specific team leaded by our managers in charge of our client’s business development in the Chinese market.

Monitoring the relationships with your Chinese Partner
Help you to develop your Company Image
    - Promotion Operation
    - Advertisement
    - Public Relation
    - Expanding your activities
Representing you in Professional Exhibitions and Fairs
    - New Customers Sourcing and Sales Development
    - Implementing your Business through new Markets in China
    - Implementing your own Representative Office (leasing, recruiting...)
    - Support for local Production and Sourcing
OMS also organizes its own seminars to represented its clients.


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